Door County, Day 2

What a busy day! We started with breakfast in our room, featuring the B&B’s homemade cherry granola, warm coffee cake, and a plate of fresh fruit. After cleaning up and getting dressed, we decided on a quick drive around Ephraim to get our bearings. Eight hours and lots of miles later, we are back at our B&B.

We visited several gift, decor, and gardening shops. But the places we enjoyed the most were pottery shops and art galleries. The first gallery we visited was the Hardy Gallery. It is housed in a historic building at the public marina. A sign on the building says that it is tradition for people to write their names on the building where their boat is docked. So, given a few rules, anyone can write on the building.

Hardy Gallery, Ephraim, WI

The gallery had just finished hanging a juried show. I wish I could have taken photos – there were some truly outstanding pieces on display. I especially liked an oil pastel of a waterfall. While there, a woman approached me and asked if I wanted to participate in their mosaic project. At first, I thought she wanted me to do an actual mosaic, the kind you make out of tile or stone or glass. But she explained that you simply take one of their 6″ x 6″ stretched canvases and do any type of art on it. They display each small artwork, photograph it, and publish it in a book. All part of a fundraiser for the Hardy Gallery. So I agreed. It has to be sent to them in about 10 days – so I’m sure it will be fodder for more postings! I’m excited to have an art-related project (with a deadline to be sure I get it done!)

Amongst the stops at gift shops and such, we also stopped at two pottery galleries. Our purchases are safely wrapped and in the back of the car, so I’ll post more about those visits after I get back home in Minneapolis. For now, I’ll just say it’s nice to have time to talk to the potters and hear their stories about what drew them to their art.

Before heading back to our suite at the B&B, we stopped at Bailey’s Harbor on the Lake Michigan side of Door County. We finally had a chance to walk out on the beach. I picked up some small shells and claws from some type of small blue crab. At the city marina, Gregg also took some time to snap photos of the gulls. I love this one, the way the bird is backlit.

Gull at Bailey's Harbor, WI

So now I have about a half hour to relax before we head out for a Door County tradition – the fish boil! I’m sure Gregg will have his camera at the ready, so I hope to post more later this evening.


Door County, Day 1

(Written June 12, posted on June 13)

Gregg was at a conference for work earlier this week in De Pere, WI, near Green Bay. Tuesday, after the conference ended, we headed up to Door County for a couple of days. We found Eagle Harbor Inn quite easily. Cindy was the person at the front desk and she was so helpful in explaining things – spotty cell coverage, what was available on grounds, etc. She helped us make reservations at the White Gull Inn for tomorrow evening’s fish boil. She was a waitress there for many years, and her tips were to ask them to remove the bones and ask for tail sections of the fish.

That evening, we had dinner at Alexander’s. The food & service was outstanding – the waiter put our napkins on our laps – a first for me! We started with crusty french bread and butter. We chose King Crab cakes for an appetizer – the texture was so light and tender, served on a bed of spring greens with a mango sauce, the crab cake topped with hollandaise sauce. Truly the best crab cakes I have ever had! For my entree, I had perfectly-prepared filet mignon with mushrooms. Gregg chose one of the specials, halibut with an olive tapenade and melon sauce.

Back to the B&B to catch an episode of my favorite show on Discovery Channel, The Deadliest Catch. That little break gave us a chance to let our dinner settle before heading out again. First, a picture of a colorful sunset over Green Bay.

Sunset over Green Bay in Ephraim, WI

Then off to an attraction we had noticed while driving to Alexander’s…The Drive In theater! We watched Men In Black III, but passed on the second movie of the double feature, Battleship.

Will Smith, MIB III, on drive-in screen in Ephraim, WI

Our room at Eagle Harbor Inn is nice – it doesn’t have the overly fussy decor typical of many Victorian style B&Bs. We have a 1BR Queen Suite. It has a small kitchen area, gas fireplace, whirlpool, and full bathroom with shower.