Door County, Evening 2 The Fish Boil

We went to the fish boil at White Gull Inn in Fish Creek. It was good, but like many things preceded by so much hype, the meal failed to live up to our expectations. First, we assembled outside on the patio to watch the cooking. The potatoes were already in the boiling water when we arrived. About 10 minutes later, the white fish was added. When the fish had cooked, the chef threw a bunch of kerosene on the fire.

Fish Boil at White Gull Inn, Fish Creek, WI

The rapid increase in temperature makes the water boil over, causing the fish oil that has floated to the top overflow the cooking barrel. The two cooking baskets are pulled out of the barrel and brought into the restaurant. The meal was served buffet-style, which made us feel a bit rushed. In the end, the dinner was good. The melted butter that was served with the fish helped offset the hassle of having to take the bones out of the fish. Dessert was also included – homemade cherry pie that was sweet but still let some of the tartness come through.

So we can check fish boil off our bucket list.


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