How Rich Are You?

I know that I am blessed and privileged, simply by the fact that I was born in the U.S. – something I was given without any effort or forethought or desire on my part. In spite of this awareness, I still occasionally find myself holding a pity party because I don’t have that new car in the television commercial, or when a favorite magazine features a tastefully decorated beach house on the Carolina coast , or I visit one of my clients who insists I “just try on” their newest luxury watch.

So every now and again, it’s good to put my life into perspective. Here’s a site that helps with that perspective thing: Try it – true to my cultural competitive biases, my first impulse was to high-five myself. But that feeling passed in about 0.5 seconds, when I realized the implications.

Again, try it. Are you richer than you thought?

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