Field of Joy

When I was scanning the family photos, every once in a while I came across a photo that literally gave me joy. I had another one of those moments today, when I decided to drive a different route to the post office. It was early in the day, the sun just peeking over the tops of the bare trees. There, to my right, in an empty lot, was a field of snowmen!

Field of Snowmen
A few snowmen

There was something about them…just standing silently, casting their long morning shadows. They were a little like the  Chinese Terra Cotta Army. Almost magical. Each snowman wears a different costume, mostly colorful and bright, lending “personality” to each.  

As I walked back to my car, it was fun to watch the faces of others who were driving past the empty lot. Without exception, everyone did a double-take and then wide smiles spread across their faces.

So where did these snowmen come from? There was a sign in the field that read, Snowmen for The project is a fundraiser, and “Frank Msambya of Daystar U.S. will be living in a tent in the snow in empathy with the many bright young men and women in Africa stuck in refugee camps and urban slums.”

I hope to make it back to the site tomorrow. If you’re interested, it’s on Fairview Avenue in Roseville, MN, a few blocks south of County Road D. I promise, it will make you smile!

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